Nano Roller Latching System

For umatched security, the Lyon nano roller latching system is now standard on single, double and triple-tier lockers

Vandalism and break-in theft are increasingly serious problems for schools, businesses and industry.

Lyon Engineers have developed a, patent pending locker latching system that utilizes nano metal roller technology to provide increased break-in protection when compared to existing locker latching systems. See competitors latching mechanics in the photo to the right.


  • Nano metal roller.
  • Zamak 3 zinc alloy latch finger - for up to 4 times the tensile strength than nylon.
  • The nano metal roller latch is spring loaded for smooth and flawless performance.
  • Tamper-resistant lockbar guides ensure proper lockbar alignment for smooth operation, while reducing overall noise by eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

Download the Nano Roller Latching System sell sheet
(High-res 1.5MB PDF Document)

Nano-roller components

Pictured above: A) Lyon - Nano Metal Roller with Zamak 3 Zinc Alloy Latch; B) Competitor - Glass Filled Nylon Latch; C) Competitor - Spring Wire Catch; D) Competitor - Wire Catch (reduced for photo)

Locker Handle Pull Test

Exterior & interior view of a Lyon locker with a Recessed Handle and Nano Metal Roller Latching System. Red arrows indicate the locations of the nano metal roller, and the blue arrows indicate the locations of the nylon lockbar guide.

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