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Lyon Announces Immediate Price Reduction   

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Lyon announces an immediate price decrease effective for orders received on or after December 9, 2008. The demand for raw material and fuel has been reduced by the current economic conditions. As a result, Lyon will reduce its 5/15/08 List Prices accordingly:

  • Shelving: 20%
  • Shelving: 20%
  • Lockers: 10%
  • Modular Drawer Cabinets: 10%
  • Shop Equipment & Cabinets: 10%
  • All other Product Lines: 10%
  • All other Product Lines: 5-10%

All orders in house are not be effected by this price change, including manufactured project business.


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Lyon Workspace Products, LLC, Aurora, IL recently introduced the XL Series heavy-duty office chair, a fusion of full-sized comfort and heavy-duty ergonomic seating controls, making this chair the seating solution for industrial, manufacturing and office environments. With a 500 lb. capacity and a 22" wide seat (3" wider than the standard office chair) the XL Series heavy-duty office chair gives users the confidence and ergonomic control that will stand the tests of time and use across a wide variety of desk environments.


  • Industry leading 500 lb. capacity
  • Industrial grade fabric for maximum durability
  • 25" seat tilt with tension knob and 7-level adjustable armrests
  • ANSI/BFMA X5.1-2002 compliant
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy assembly


  • 6" diameter base with five twin-wheel casters
  • Contoured 22" wide by 20" deep seat
  • Lumbar support back rest, 21" wide by 20" tall
  • Seat height range 19" - 22"

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